Audrey Renaud



Audrey Renaud
Listing Type: Individual
Members: Audrey Renaud a.k.a. Ruby Songbird
Primary Music: Folky
Other Music: light rock, sacred, original in many genres.
Web Sites: Home Page 
Solo act currently -- Would like to form duo/trio. Have guitar -- will harmonize! Folk, light rock, some blues --lotsa home-grown! I just love to share music! I also give voice lessons. NOTE: MY NEW CD IS OUT!!! It's called "Stone Walls" and is available either by mailing $12.00 to me at PO Box 1; Dixie, WA 99329 or you can look it up on Craig's List and order it from my daughter in NH. It is for sale at Sun Catcher studio, 508 North Main St., Milton-Freewater, OR.I hope to be able to market it in town soon.
Instruments guitar, ukulele, spoons, tambourine, castanets, drum/all types of percussion, French Horn, piano but not piano and voice simultaneously.
Contact Info 509-525-2194
PO Box 1
Dixie, WA
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