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Daniel Mark Faller
Listing Type: Group
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Primary Music: classic rock / alt country
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I'm in 4 acts: The Big Newtons, Lukenbill-Faller, Daniel Mark Faller, the Alternators. The Big Newtons are Lewiston, Idaho's premier classic rock band. They have been playing since 1995 and have opened Lewiston's Hot August Nights for acts like Three Dog Night, Paul Rogers, Eric Burdon, Johnny Rivers, B.J. Thomas, Tommy James, 38 Special, The Temptations, Paul Revere and the Raiders and more. Lukenbill-Faller are the two guitar players from the "Newtons" and their duo has become legendary. See the web link for more info. Daniel Mark Faller is my solo act which is an "Americana" or "Roots" country format. And now, the Alternators which is my solo act with a band. All high quality with top drawer sound production. Be sure to visit danielmarkfaller.com for more info on all these acts.
Instruments various depending on the act. guitar based mainly
Contact Info (208) 746-3949
1322 15th Ave.
Lewiston, WA
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  Friday, Oct 18 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
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