Iron Horse



Iron Horse
Listing Type: Group
Members: Kevin Catlett - Lead Guitar/Vox, Jeff Hayes - Lead Guitar/Vox, Jarrod Sumerlin - Bass, Emilio Cabrales - Drums/Backing Vox
Primary Music: Classic Rock
Other Music: Southern Rock, Pop rock, new country
Web Sites: Home Page 
Formerly 11th Hour, Iron Horse is a rockin 4 piece act covering music from the 70's, 80's, 90's on up to some more recent hits, as well as original material. Experienced road dogs, having opened up for acts the likes of Eddie Money, Loverboy, and even Paul Revere and The Raiders, Iron Horse is no stranger to putting on a killer show! Currently working on a long overdue album, so stay tuned for updates.
Instruments Guitar, bass, drums, vocals
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Walla Walla
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upcoming events
  Saturday, Jul 06 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Thursday, Aug 01 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Friday, Aug 02 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Saturday, Aug 03 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Sunday, Aug 04 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre

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