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Metal Dads ( forming a band )
Listing Type: Group
Members: Posted 8-4-12 & Last updated 10-11-15.
Primary Music: Metal/HRock&Rock/Etcetera
Other Music: Metal and Hard Rock...We play what we like
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We are a group of misfit metal dads looking for a singer. We have no aspirations for a national tour or dreams of life as a celebrity. We are looking for a stable singer who enjoys the same style of music amongst the 4 of us(Ages range from Mid-20's to Mid-40's). We are stable blu-collar guys w/families looking for VOCALS, or a singer, to finalize(Hopefully) the process of forming a 'jam band'. Would like to find a singer locally in the area(We reside in Walla Walla) with working class values, strong family morals, NO-drugs, who want to stick together for the long run for the sake of playing and having fun while slowly building, and perfecting, a repertoire of songs to jam/gig out to in the far future. If this sounds like something that interests you, and could commit to getting together at least ONCE a month, send me an email - INCLUDE your email address(The reply link will NOT insert your email address!!) Basically, at this point, we are what you would call a Hobby/Jam Band...But that could change....
Instruments We are a 2 guitar, bass, and drum group thus far.
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Walla Walla, WA
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  Thursday, May 31 2018
     Gesa Power House Theatre

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