jectrecordingstudio & live sound reinforcement



jectrecordingstudio & live sound reinforcement
Listing Type: Individual
Members: Joe DeLeon III
Primary Music: all types
Other Music: N/A
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We are a local recording studio in, Walla Walla, Wa. We have been operating since 2008, we had been building the new studio since 2007, we also provide live sound systems to your needs, I have been engineering for over 30 years. Please look @ our website I have been working in the Texas, Idaho, Oregon, Wa. Area. I have done sound engineering for many headliners, also small bands in this area. Sound for Whitman commencement, Wa-Hi commencement, Relay for Life and so on. Walla Walla Frontier Parade, sound at Wild Horse for headliners. I have recorded bands in this area and out side of Walla Walla, worked in Texas @ Hacienda RCA recording studio. Worked @ Mistro recording studio in McAllen Tx. Played music in Tx, & New York with a latin headliner band.
Instruments Guitar, bass, drums, keys
Contact Info 509-386-3358
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upcoming events
  Friday, Oct 18 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Friday, Oct 25 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Saturday, Nov 02 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Wednesday, Nov 06 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Sunday, Nov 10 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Wednesday, Nov 20 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Sunday, Dec 01 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Monday, Dec 02 2019
     Gesa Power House Theatre

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