Robin Barrett



Robin Barrett
Listing Type: Individual
Members: Currently in The Coyote Kings with Mike Cook, Curtis Johnson and Tim Dallas. Our brand new Coyote Kings CD "Feelin' Lucky" is out now and in stores everywhere. If you're interested in booking us, call 509 529 6498.
Primary Music: Blues, Bluesrock, R&B and Classic Rock
Other Music: No Rap, no Opera.
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ROBIN BARRETT is a legacy artist, and with well over a million plays/downloads on his old page, an artist with a huge fan base. Listening to Robin's music is an experience! Since the death of SRV, Blues has had a hard time commercially. Johnny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepard both failed to deliver the high original standards that their forefathers in the genre brought to the attention of the callused and jaded pop music masses. Robin Barrett, who was playing before those boys could hold a guitar upright, brings an age old style right up to the twenty-first century with bravado and skill.

"You play some exciting guitar in a Blues Rock style" Bruce Iglauer-Alligator Records

"This is the biz - snearing guitars - 'make the bitch squeal' harmonics - crashing, no messin' groove - subliminal, sinister vocals - hell, this track made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and that's the truth - Roj Agogo

Robin also owns TwinLion Production & Entertainment. TwinLion is a full service digital multi-track recording company. TwinLion features in-studio and on-location services, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. We also book the finest in live music for your events. Call 509 529 MIXT(6498)
Instruments Guitar, vocals, bass, production.
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