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Swing Set
Listing Type: Group
Members: L-R: Howard Ostby, percussion and vocals; Trudy Ostby, violin; Jerry Yokel, mandolin and harmonica; Laura Hall, vocals and percussion; Jon St. Hilaire, guitar (acoustic and jazz) and vocals; Alan Feves, upright bass. Phil Lynch will join us on 8 string electric guitar for some events.
Primary Music: string swing (such as Django Reinhardt, David Grisman Quintet, or New Acoustic Music)
Other Music: All members have experience in other genres such as classical, bluegrass, Cajun, Andean, Irish/Scottish, folk, country, rock, blues, gospel. You name it, we can probably provide it! You can find all of us on the "Friends Of Acoustic Music" website. See
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This is a string swing band that plays jazz standards, gypsy swing (ie Django Reinhardt), Texas swing, Latin tunes, New Acoustic/Dawg music (ie David Grisman Quintet), music from the 40's. Our music is very danceable, and is appropriate for any age group or social setting, from casual to formal. You can also contact Trudy or Howard Ostby at (541) 938-7403.
Instruments guitars, violin, mandolin, harmonica, percussion, voice, sometimes acoustic standup bass.
Contact Info (503) 912-0850
Gresham, OR
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