Jeff Hayes



Jeff Hayes
Listing Type: Individual
Primary Music: Classic rock
Other Music: Southern rock, Metal
I have been a musician in the Walla Walla area since about 89'. I've been in many local bands, (some well known, some not so much), and played with many local musicians. I spent a couple of years as a guitarist and singer in "Blackstone",(during it's existence), with Mike Usko, Kenny Deford, Tim Figgins and Emilio Cabrales. Followed by a few years in "Killian" with Kevin and Kris Catlett. I then moved to a band with Kenny Deford, Kit Khulman, and Tim Phillips called "Hostage",and spent couple of years with them. Ahh, Good times. My more recent activity was about an 8 year stint teamed up with Kevin Catlett, Jarrod Summerlin, and Cory Potter as a band called 11th Hour. This was a pro circuit level rock band, but work and family restrictions caused us to stay relatively local. We did some shows with a few major label acts and had great reviews as well as being chosen by the BoDog music label to participate in their 2006 national battle of the bands and perform in Seattle. We advanced to the next round but long story short,the competition was a publicity stunt and they took advantage of all of the bands so we told them to shove it! A few years have passed as Kevin and a few other great musicians went the way of country music. They sounded awesome but Kevin began feeling the need to rock again so we have rejoined again and are staring an incredible lineup in the face. No name for the band yet but it will be epic once we debut.
Instruments Guitar and lead Vocals
Contact Info 541-938-5413
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