George Copeland



George Copeland ( looking for band )
Listing Type: Individual
Members: George Copeland
Primary Music: Classic Rock
Other Music: Blues, Folk, Country
I am predominately a classic rock drummer, but also play guitar and bass. (folk & bluegrass is fun too) I can do some lead vocals, but prefer to stick mainly to backup. I have been playing off and on for over 50 years. What I am interested in would be a band leaning toward the harder side of classic rock, but am open to just about anything fun. I am available for fill in work in the local area. If you need more info or background, e mail, call, or ask Mike Hammond. Always looking to jam; have my own studio.
Instruments Drums, Guitar, Bass
Contact Info 509-240-4378
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  Wednesday, Oct 24 2018
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Saturday, Oct 27 2018
     Walla Walla Symphony
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  Saturday, Nov 03 2018
     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Sunday, Nov 25 2018
     Gesa Power House Theatre
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     Gesa Power House Theatre
  Thursday, Nov 29 2018
     Gesa Power House Theatre

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