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Feels Like Home
Listing Type: Group
Members: Michael David, Audrey Renaud, Ralph Van Deurs, Trudy Ostby, Howard Ostby, Louis (Val) Valiente
Primary Music: Soft Rock/Original Compositions
Other Music: Blue-Grass, Folk, Original Compositions: Just produced 2nd CD entitled: "Feels Like Home.....Second Pouring"
Web Sites: Home Page 
"Feels Like Home", an acoustic ensemble from Walla Walla, Washington, performs soft-rock of the '60's & 70's; with a twist of country, blue-grass and folk; seasoned with.... original tunes. This "toe-tappin', "hand-clappin'" quality of "Feels Like Home" is a unique musical sound which, we feel, you will like. Book us at bookus@feelslikehomeband.com or contact Michael David. Songwriter Michael David has copyrighted some 40 original pieces, though most of them are still "unpublished works." He hopes to record many more of his originals with "Feels Like Home" on a few more CD's simply for.......your listening pleasure. The group "Feels Like Home" came together as a result of Michael David being contacted to play music for a private, non-profit group event for cancer survivors........ Relay for Life. "Feels Like Home" has a new addition to the group -- Audrey Renaud. Audrey provides back-up vocals and guitar, along with some additional percussion. Bass player, Ralph VanDeurs has a long musical history, including playing in a number of top-notch bands locally and nationally. Trudy Ostby currently plays with the Walla Walla Symphony. Trudy's husband, Howard, has been extensively involved with music from early childhood when he sang in school choruses. His main interest, however, is in percussion. Val, fingertap-washboard player, in 1935, at age 14, began taking drum lessons. He even played with big band leader, Franke Carle, at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, along with other musical achievements throughout his career. Feels Like Home has produced 2 CD's. The first one is entitled "Home Cookin'", and has the bonus song: "I Love Walla Walla Onions." The 2nd CD, just released this June, 2007 is entitled "Second Pouring", and includes the bonus song "Walla Walla Wine Taster Me."
Instruments Fiddle/congas;washboard-fingertaps/guitars/bass/ spoons/ukulele
Contact Info 509-522-1066
364 W. Chestnut
Walla Walla, Wa 99362, WA
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