Power Swing




Power Swing
Listing Type: Group
Members: Mike Agidius (Alto) Dave Dankel (Trumpet) Phil Lynch (Guitar) Alan Funk (Tenor) Keith Neavor (Trumpet) Mike Petersen (Bass) Dan Lange (Alto) Mike Wenberg (Trombone) Jackie Wood (Piano) Dick Simon (Baritone) George White (Trombone) Thorin A. Zanger (Drums) Vocals: Melissa Cunnington
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Power Swing is a twelve-piece bance with vocalist, from Walla Walla, Washington. The band specializes in the Big Band Jazz sound, but also provides a wide variety of dancing and listening choices, including Dixieland, blues, light jazz, popular, popular romantic, and Latin-influenced music from the 20's to the 90's. The band consists of four saxophones, two trumpets, two trombones and a rhythm section. The rhythm section includes piano/keyboard, bass guitar, guitar and drums. In addition, the group also includes a vocalist. We are unique in that we all are professional persons by day and musicians at night. All members are experienced musicians, and most have played professionally in the past. We combine professional job-related values with exciting individual musical talent. Power Swing will provide you with an incredible musical experience. Power Swing has had great reviews at a numer of high-profile events. We have performed at business promotions, community festivals, weddings, class reunions, and various charity functions. Because Power Swing is in such high demand, it is usually necessary to schedule two months in advance to reserve a performance engagement date. We coordinate closely with you ahead of time to maximize your satisfaction with our services. We also provide our own sound reinforcement equipment, microphones, and technician. For out-of-town performances, we charge an additional negotiated fee for travel and lodging. To protect both you and Power Swing, we require a "Contract for Personal Services for Live Music" for every booking prior to the engagement. Our sound is unique and infectious. A word of warning: you can't help tapping your toe to the Power Swing Big Band Jazz sound! You will enjoy the music as much as we enjoy playing it!
Instruments Alto, Trumpet, Guitar, Tenor, Bass, Trombone, Drums, Baritone
Contact Info 509-525-7178
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